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Why to Stay Away From Your Ex After Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

St. Charles divorce lawyers

Everyone reacts differently following a divorce. Some people move far away and never think about their ex again, while others dwell on the what-ifs in their relationship. Divorce is an emotional time for everyone, and after the divorce process ends, the emotions can be overwhelming. 

If you have children together, some interaction with your former spouse will be necessary. It is essential in successful co-parenting. Yet if you still harbor romantic feelings toward your ex or deep feelings of regret, it can be problematic. Some people find it necessary to stay away from their ex until they have a better grasp of their new situation. Here are some reasons to take that route:

Fantasy Situations

If you are constantly around your ex-spouse, it is common to think about what could have happened to prevent the relationship from deteriorating. Thinking about those situations and maintaining thoughts that you may get back together are rarely realistic or healthy. There are reasons why you are no longer together, and learning them all over again is not a path you want to go down.

You Keep Making the Same Mistakes

If you are around your ex, it is possible you will keep thinking the same negative thoughts that were present at the end of the relationship. Having those same doubts and feelings is not good for your mental health. Contact with your ex-spouse may keep reminding you of the mistakes you made over and over again. While it is good to think about your mistakes so you can learn from them, it is not good to dwell on them. 

Your Old Relationship is Always on Your Mind

If you are still in consistent contact with your ex, you may be devoting more thought than you should about your relationship and them. Constantly dwelling on your previous relationship can prevent the emotional growth you need for successful post-divorce life. You do not have to go out and find a new partner right away, but you also do not have to dedicate any more time thinking about a relationship that no longer exists.

Contact a DuPage County Family Law Attorney

Moving on from your divorce is hard to do, but it is necessary. However, divorce does not have to leave you feeling emotionally drained and stressed. With our knowledgeable St. Charles divorce lawyers, you know you are working with lawyers who have years of experience making divorce cases as easy as possible. The attorneys at the Law Office of Vogel and Mourelatos, LLC care about helping you with your divorce. To set up a initial consultation, give us a call at 847-428-7725.




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