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The Cultural Change of Millennials and Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

Algonquin Divorce Lawyer

The oft-quoted statistic about 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce is incorrect and has been for some time now. Divorce rates have declined since the 1980s and it is now estimated your chances of divorce are at about 39 percent. Even though this seems like good news, it is not necessarily an indication that the number of people living happily ever after with their spouse has increased. 

Much of the drop in the divorce rate is due to the generation known as millennials, who are less likely to get divorced. A recent study said millennials were 18 percent less likely to divorce than young married couples in 2008. There are numerous potential reasons behind this shift.

Millennials and Marriage

Changes in society’s view of marriage have caused a shift in how these statistics are viewed. With the millennial generation, it is much more common to be selective as far as when you get married. Marriage was once viewed as necessary at a young age in order to get started on a family. It is now something often undertaken later in life when people are more financially stable. 

Finances are a huge worry for many millennials. Due to the increase in student loan debt, credit card debt, the price of housing, and general cost of living, it is not financially viable for many people to spend thousands of dollars on a ceremony and honeymoon when they are young. Young people are more often waiting to marry until they are more financially secure, and because of all the factors mentioned above, that is taking much longer to achieve. The financial climate in today’s society is widening the discrepancy between the haves and have-nots because the have-nots are unable to afford the typical marriage and honeymoon enjoyed by previous generations.

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