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Kane County Divorce Attorney

Marriage should be a partnership in which both parties enjoy spending time with one another. Couples do not have to be together constantly for a healthy marriage, and some alone time is good for each person so they can pursue interests by themselves. For many people, this includes video games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. Some spouses have an issue with how often their significant other plays video games, especially Fortnite. If someone is playing video games too often, it can lead to serious problems in a marriage, and even divorce in some cases. 

Fortnite and Divorce

Fortnite’s massive surge in popularity has led to millions of people playing it all over the world each day. The game has become a pop culture sensation and has been played by more than 200 million people worldwide. Many people are addicted to the game, playing for hours and hours per day at the expense of other aspects of their life, including their marriage. 


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West Dundee Divorce Lawyer

Relationships can be wonderful if you are with the right person. Each situation is different, but there are some warning signs to keep in mind when in a relationship to make sure you are not with the wrong individual. 

If your marriage exhibits a combination of these behaviors, especially to an extreme degree, it may be time to reevaluate. Perhaps your spouse or partner has a reason for exhibiting these traits, but if there is a pattern and you feel you can no longer handle it, it may be time to end the relationship and initiate divorce proceedings


Kane County Divorce Lawyers

Marriage is one of the biggest steps you can take in your life. A couple may think they are ready to be married and later find out they were not prepared at all, or that they are simply not happy being with their spouse anymore. If that happens, divorce may be the best option for both individuals and any children they might share.

While statistics show couples who marry for the first time have somewhere between a 40 and 50 percent chance of getting a divorce, there are programs available that help couples stay married. Data gathered by psychologists indicates these programs are beneficial to the couples who attend. 


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West Dundee divorce attorneyA marriage is a partnership and a pact between two people to share in each other’s lives and feelings. It is normal for married couples to have disagreements with each other, but there are a few behaviors which make it much more likely that a marriage will end in divorce. Exhibiting all of these behaviors is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they do not happen with such great frequency that they are overruling the positive elements of a marriage. 

What Are the Behaviors?

The four behaviors are as follows:

  • Contempt - In this context, contempt means that one partner thinks that they are smarter or better than the other person. When a person feels contempt towards their partner, they are typically not being receptive to how the other person is feeling, which leads to the other person feeling like they are not heard or are being put down. 
  • Criticism - Criticism is similar to contempt in that it can make little things turn into big arguments. Constantly criticizing the way your partner does something or the way they dress or look and not addressing issues in a constructive way can lead to increased feelings of resentment. 
  • Defensiveness - This behavior is characterized by one spouse constantly stating that it was not their fault if something goes wrong or acting as if they are a victim. In many cases, it is better for spouses to take all the details of a situation into account and think about what they could have done better. 
  • Stonewalling - If an argument is about to happen, and one partner abruptly decides that they are not going to talk about the issue, this can lead to further issues down the road. Not being able to discuss problems and air grievances with each other may lead to couples staying mad at each other longer than they would have if each person had explained their reasoning. 

The repeated and constant occurrence of one or a combination of these problems can lead to an increased likelihood for a couple to divorce. Overall, a constant theme throughout these behaviors is a lack of proper communication and empathy. Making sure to explain problems in a thoughtful way and talking through each person’s viewpoint can help relieve many problems in a marriage. 

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