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Kane County divorce lawyer

The decision to get divorced is often one of the hardest choices a person can make. Besides the divorce process itself, it is also difficult to make the announcement to all your family, friends, coworkers, and others. Although a divorce is painful for everyone involved, it is helpful for both parties to be on the same page when delivering the news. You and your spouse shared a community of mutual friends and some might not know how to react. 

Describe Your Divorce in Simple Terms

Not only will you have to tell people about your divorce, but once they start talking, you will get a lot of questions about your divorce as well. Come up with a brief description of your divorce, around one to three sentences. This will help steer the follow-up questions so you and they feel comfortable.


Geneva divorce lawyer

The vows for marriage typically include staying together “in sickness and in health.” However, according to recent research, if the wife is the one who is ill, the bond might not be as strong. Sickness and disease can be hard on any relationship, and sometimes unfortunate health situations end in divorce. Among the important matters to address in this situation is how retirement assets are divided

Serious Illness and Divorce

When one spouse is severely ill, it can cause a strain on the marriage due to many reasons, including financial drain, or the inability of a spouse to act as a caregiver or take on all household duties. Not everyone is emotionally able to endure the extreme difficulties that can accompany serious illnesses like cancer or Alzheimer's disease, which accounts for up to 80 percent of dementia cases.


St. Charles divorce lawyers

Everyone reacts differently following a divorce. Some people move far away and never think about their ex again, while others dwell on the what-ifs in their relationship. Divorce is an emotional time for everyone, and after the divorce process ends, the emotions can be overwhelming. 

If you have children together, some interaction with your former spouse will be necessary. It is essential in successful co-parenting. Yet if you still harbor romantic feelings toward your ex or deep feelings of regret, it can be problematic. Some people find it necessary to stay away from their ex until they have a better grasp of their new situation. Here are some reasons to take that route:


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Kane County divorce lawyers

Some people have the perception their divorce is going to be ugly, meaning there will be constant fights in the courtroom and extremely negative feelings between then and their ex-spouse. Divorce does not have to be constant warfare. Yes, emotions run high, and disagreements occur, but avoiding a contentious court battle can shield children from the unpleasantness and save time and money. Working together can also create a foundation for successful co-parenting.

Keeping these tips in mind can keep your divorce civil:


West Dundee divorce attorneys

While it is well-known divorce can affect your mental and emotional well-being, one aspect of divorce often ignored is the potential effect it can have on your body. Maintaining good health in all aspects of your life is important for your overall happiness and ability to move on after divorce. Visiting your doctor for a checkup and making your physical health a priority can serve as a benefit as you go through the strenuous divorce process. 

A study by Duke University examined the effects of divorce on the heart health of women, and the results point to an increased risk of heart attack for divorced females. 

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