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Sharing Responsibilities for Your Child’s Education After a Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

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When parents get divorced, it can have a major impact on all aspects of their children’s lives, including their education and academic success. Many children struggle to maintain the same level of focus and performance at school due to the stress of the divorce, and some children have to change schools entirely because of their new living arrangements. However, children are often better able to adapt and succeed when both parents continue to be involved in their education. With this in mind, it is important for Illinois parents to carefully consider how they will share responsibilities related to their children’s education as they work toward a divorce resolution.

Important Educational Responsibilities for Divorced Parents

Several different elements of a divorce resolution can directly or indirectly impact a child’s education. Some of the most notable include:

  • Parental decision-making - Choices regarding a child’s education are considered to be part of the allocation of significant decision-making responsibilities in an Illinois divorce. These decisions include where the child will go to school and whether the child needs assistance from a tutor. Parents will need to determine whether they will both have a say in such decisions, or whether one parent will be primarily responsible. It is also important to include provisions in the parenting plan regarding each parent’s ability to access the child’s school records and schedules in order to stay informed.

  • Parenting time and transportation - A thoughtful parenting time schedule should consider a child’s school routine. Depending on where each parent lives in relation to the child’s school, it may be best for the child to spend most of the school week living with one parent. Both parents also have an important responsibility during their own parenting time to ensure that the child makes it to school on time and devotes the appropriate time to homework and studying.

  • Financial responsibilities - Parents should work to ensure that their child support order addresses all of the child’s educational expenses. The basic Illinois child support obligation factors in some educational expenses, but parents may wish to adjust their agreement to include additional costs of supplies, tutoring, or tuition for a private school. Parents may also choose to pursue an agreement that ensures shared financial responsibility for a child’s college education.

Along with these legal issues, parents should make an effort to communicate regularly with each other and their child after the divorce to share important updates about the child’s education and address any concerns that they or the child may have.

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At the Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II PC, we understand the importance of supporting your child’s education and overall well-being during your divorce, and we can help you establish a parenting plan with these priorities in mind. To schedule a free consultation, call our dedicated and compassionate St. Charles divorce lawyer today at 847-428-7725.







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