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How to Protect Yourself Online When Going Through a Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

West Dundee divorce attorney technology social mediaThe increase in the use of social media and the internet in general over the past decade has made people more dependent on technology. Using smartphones to browse the internet, read emails, and manage tasks is a commonplace part of our everyday lives. However, this reliance on technology, when combined with the increase in stress levels during divorce proceedings, may lead you to forget that technology can be used against you as well. Protecting yourself online during a divorce is an important step in making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

What Are the Risks?

Couples will often share passwords for their various online accounts with each other, because this can be cheaper and more convenient than maintaining separate accounts. Whether these are bank accounts, credit cards, accounts with online retailers, shared calendars, or photo storage apps, shared accounts are a common aspect of many modern relationships.

During the process of a divorce, the relationship between spouses is often strained, and animosity can lead them to take actions to hurt each other. This can be as simple as changing the password on the family’s Netflix account or as damaging as making expensive purchases or withdrawing money from a shared bank account.

Another risk associated with shared accounts and passwords is the chance that your ex-spouse could be looking at your personal information and documents. While storing important financial information or documents related to your divorce in your email account or another app may provide you with convenience and easy accessibility, if your ex knows your passwords, they may be able to access information that you wish to keep secret. 

How Can You Protect Yourself?

One of the first things you should do after beginning the divorce process is change the password for your email address. If someone tries to reset your password for any other website or application, a request or notification will usually be sent to the email address on file. Making sure this email address is secure decreases the likelihood that other information will be stolen or accessed without your permission. 

It may also be necessary to change passwords for any other applications or websites that include your sensitive information, such as your Amazon account, your credit cards, or your online banking account. Also, make sure to turn off syncing for shared Apple or Google accounts. This will make sure your former partner does not have access to your appointments, photos, or messages saved on cloud storage. 

Contact a Knowledgeable Algonquin Divorce Attorney

If you are about to enter into divorce proceedings, you need a skilled West Dundee divorce lawyer who understands the intricacies of the divorce process. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II PC help you understand your rights and advocate for your interests as you work to dissolve your marriage. Call us at 847-428-7725 today for an initial consultation. 



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