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Helpful Tips for Starting Over After Your Illinois Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

Algonquin divorce lawyersMost couples begin their married life together with good intentions that it will last forever. Many partners scoff at the idea that something or someone could come between them. That is, until they find themselves in a loveless marriage or confronted with the fact that their spouse cheated. Statistics show that between 40-50 percent of all U.S. marriages end in divorce

In some cases, the divorce may not be mutual, and one spouse can be blindsided by the news. The thought of being single after several years or even decades of being married is often overwhelming. That is why it is important to seek professional legal counsel to represent your best interests if you suddenly find yourself at a crossroads. In addition, below are a few practical ways to help you move on and find happiness again.  

Reinventing Yourself

Going through a divorce at any age can be daunting, filled with the fear of the unknown. Besides completing all of the legal aspects that go into finalizing your divorce, recognizing the emotional toll it can take on you and your children is also an essential part of the process. Once you realize and accept that your marriage is irretrievably broken, it is time to start thinking about what lies ahead. 

Here are several ways to help you begin this new chapter of your life:

  • Allow yourself to grieve. 
  • Talk about your feelings. 
  • Learn to forgive yourself.
  • Rediscover interests and hobbies. 
  • Try new things by taking a class. 
  • Embrace being on your own.
  • Consider dating.

Some people say the end of a marriage is similar to the death of a loved one, and that is why you should take time to mourn that loss. Sharing your feelings with friends, family members, or professional counselors may help you come to terms with the divorce. You may feel a range of emotions, such as guilty, relieved, sad, angry, or bitter. Do not dwell on the past and what you did or did not do, or play the blame game. Instead, think about your future possibilities. You may be able to travel more or take a graduate class—things that you may not have had time to do before or that your spouse did not have any interest in. While you are embarking on new endeavors, you may just meet someone else so do not rule out dating again. Let friends or relatives set you up on dates when you are ready. 

If you have children, you will likely co-parent with your ex-spouse. Try to maintain a cooperative relationship with him or her for the kids’ sakes. Stay engaged when you are with your children and make the most of your parenting time. Most importantly, take care of your physical and mental health so you can be a positive role model. 

Contact an Algonquin Divorce Attorney

The idea of moving on after your divorce can be intimidating, especially if you and your spouse were married for a long time. That is why it is crucial to have experienced legal representation. Attorney Benedict Schwarz, II has practiced in matrimonial and family law for over 40 years. His team of knowledgeable Barrington family law lawyers will carefully investigate your financial situation to ensure you receive your fair share of the marital estate. Call The Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II PC today at 630-200-4882 to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your case.





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