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Divorce Parenting Tips During the Holidays

Posted on in Divorce

Kane County Divorce Lawyer

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many reasons. You may worry about what gifts to buy, or about the imminent political differences and judgmental family members at the holiday dinner table. 

Divorce can add a significant amount of stress during the holidays. This is especially true if you have children, and even more so if it is your first holiday season after the split from your ex-spouse. With these new factors in play, you likely have to coordinate visitation time and gift-giving with multiple families. If you keep a few key divorce tips in mind, it can make the holidays much easier for everyone involved.

Holidays for Divorced Parents

  • Understand the holidays are not a competition. You are not competing with your ex to be the best parent or to give the biggest present to your child. Holidays are about enjoying the time you have with your family, and appreciating all of your family members. Even if you currently despise your ex, working with them to make sure your children have the best holiday season possible is the best option for everyone. You do not want to create negative memories for your children. 
  • Working with your ex requires constant communication and coordination. Planning around each other’s schedules means you must talk to each other, which may be hard for some people. Overcoming your hesitation is key if you want your family to have a great holiday season. 
  • Plan in advance. Having a plan laid out for who is going where and what is happening each day saves you from the stress of determining those details at the last minute. 
  • Children often enjoy traditions. Having something they like and look forward to every year can help them cope with a divorce. Memorable activities or traditions during the holidays will stay with them for many years. 
  • Get in the spirit of the holiday season. If you are positive during the holidays, and enjoy yourself as much as possible, your family will, too. If you are negative and badmouth your ex or what they want to do for the holidays, it will affect your children as well. 

Contact a Skilled Kane County Family Law Attorney

If you have tried to make your marriage work but now feel you need to divorce your spouse, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II PC can assist in reaching a settlement beneficial to you in your divorce case. Contact our knowledgeable St. Charles divorce attorneys today at 847-428-7725 for an initial consultation. 



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