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Common Reasons for Divorce‒And How They Can Affect the Process

Posted on in Divorce

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A couple may choose to get a divorce for a wide variety of reasons, and chances are, there is more than one contributing factor in any divorce situation. A recent study in the Couple and Family Psychology journal sought to identify some of the common causes by interviewing divorced people about their reasons, and you may find your own situation reflected in the results. It is important to note that depending on the reasons for your divorce, you may be in for a very different divorce process.

Why Do Couples Get Divorced?

Some of the most common reasons for divorce reported in the study include:

  • Lack of commitment: Respondents mentioning this reason often reported a relationship that felt more friendly than romantic or one in which they grew apart from their spouse over time. A divorce, for this reason, may be easier to resolve amicably through cooperative methods like mediation as long as you and your spouse do not bear ill will toward each other.

  • Infidelity: Cheating or extramarital relationships can destroy trust in a marriage and may be impossible for a couple to move past. It can also make the divorce process more difficult if you find it hard to communicate with your spouse or be in the same room together without emotions getting in the way.

  • Too much conflict: Constant disagreements over major and minor issues can wear a couple down to the point where divorce may be the only option. Conflict during your marriage does not necessarily mean there will be major conflict during the divorce process, but you should be prepared for contentious arguments that may require the court’s intervention.

  • Financial problems: Arguments over spending and money management can be destructive to a marriage, especially when the couple is already under financial stress. You may find that these disagreements continue to affect you throughout the divorce process, especially as you try to reach an agreement on the division of assets and debts.

  • Domestic violence: Spousal abuse is a serious problem that can understandably lead to a desire for a divorce. If it has been a factor in your marriage, your divorce will almost certainly have to be resolved through a trial, and it may be important for you to pursue an order of protection and a parenting agreement that protects your children from harm.

Contact a Kane County Divorce Attorney

At the Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II PC, we understand that every divorce is different and that each client requires personal attention and an individualized approach. Regardless of the reason for your divorce, we are prepared to help you through the legal proceedings. Contact our qualified and compassionate St. Charles, IL divorce lawyer at 847-428-7725 to request an initial consultation.





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