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7 Tips for Going Through the Litigation Process in an Illinois Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

Kane County divorce attorneysThe reasons for divorce can be numerous, from infidelity to financial problems to addictions to simply growing apart. Some marriages can end amicably if the decision to separate was mutual. However, many divorces are contentious, especially if one partner harbors bitter feelings toward the other spouse. When it comes time to make decisions during the divorce proceedings, this can cause conflict. 

Litigation is one approach to resolving divorce disputes between couples. This method involves going to court in order to come to an arrangement on issues such as spousal support or allocation of parental responsibilities, and more. Couples will often resort to litigation if they cannot reach an agreement on their own or through mediation. It is important to have an experienced divorce attorney by your side if you are considering filing for divorce under any circumstances. 

Steps to Keep in Mind When Divorce Issues Are Escalated

Just as every marriage is different, every divorce is unique. Each has its own set of challenges and issues to resolve. If a couple had a difficult time agreeing on things during the union, they will likely argue over property division or child-related issues in the divorce settlement. That is when a judge may become involved, and he or she will make the children’s best interest the top priority when determining certain solutions. The court will weigh several factors when deciding outcomes for parenting time and child support, including the kids’ wishes.   

Although litigation can be costly and time-consuming, putting forth an effort to remain calm and collected will help during the negotiations. Here are a few practical ways to mitigate the stress of going through the litigated divorce process:

  1. Keep an open line of communication with your spouse.
  2. Disclose all documents regarding property and assets. 
  3. Ask your attorney and spouse questions in order to avoid surprises.
  4. Put your children’s well-being first. 
  5. Do not get married during your divorce proceeding.
  6. Do not sell off any marital assets.
  7. Come to court prepared and on time.

Contact a Geneva Divorce Attorney

A divorce that involves complex issues can seem overwhelming, especially to someone who has never been through it before. The process for legally terminating a marriage can be complicated, with many decisions to make. If you are experiencing a contested divorce, it is imperative that you seek skilled legal counsel. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II P.C. are well-versed in Illinois divorce laws and litigation. Our accomplished Barrington divorce litigation lawyers will aggressively represent you to make sure your rights are protected. Call us today at 630-200-4882 to schedule your initial consultation. 





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