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5 Tips for Preparing for Your Related Adoption in Illinois

Posted on in Family Law

St. Charles adoption lawyerAdoption can be a wonderful way of expanding your family. Some people may legally adopt a child who is related to them or they may choose to adopt someone unrelated to them, either domestically or internationally. Through a legal process, a person who is 18 or older can become the legal parent of an individual who is not his or her biological child. There are several types of adoption in Illinois. Related adoption occurs when at least one of the adoptive parents is related to the child who is being adopted. For example, the adoptee can be a niece or a nephew, or it can be a stepchild in a second marriage. Although this kind of adoption is typically not as complex, there are still procedures you must follow. An experienced family law attorney can help you successfully navigate this life-changing endeavor. 

Steps to Becoming a Family Unit

Besides organizing the necessary paperwork and forms that adoptive parents must submit, they should also make sure their homes are in order before their child arrives. In addition, soon-to-be parents must prepare themselves emotionally and mentally. If a couple has other children, there will be a period of adjustment for them as well. 

Here are a few practical ways that prospective parents and siblings can help make the adoption transition easier:

  1. Understand the process. In Illinois, there are specific requirements even when adopting a relative. Legal mandates must be followed regarding the petition to adopt to ensure it is a legally binding agreement. 

  2. Organize important documents in a safe place. It is essential to gather all pertinent medical or financial information and documents that you need for the legal proceedings. This can include your medical history as well as your adopted child’s medical or school records. 

  3. Learn your adopted child’s likes and dislikes. Since your adopted child is related to you, you may already know what his or her interests are. However, it can mean a lot if you make an effort to learn what sports, hobbies, or music he or she likes to show your interest and dedication to them as a parent. 

  4. Discuss fears or worries you or your other kids might have. Be open to feelings of jealousy or anxiety that your biological children are experiencing. Answer any questions they have and address their concerns in order to ensure a smooth transition.

  5. Designate a bedroom for your adopted child. Creating a space that is special for your new family member can help him or her adjust to a new home and feel a part of the family unit. 

Contact an Elgin Family Law Attorney 

Adopting a child can make your dream of becoming a parent come true. However, there are many legal steps you must take before welcoming a boy or girl into your family. A skilled Kane County adoption lawyer understands how daunting the process can be and how important it is to prepare for your adoption interview. The skilled lawyers at the Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II PC, have more than 50 years of combined family law experience throughout Kane County and the nearby communities. Call us today at 630-200-4882 to schedule an initial consultation.





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