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Unfortunately, the divorce process is often seen as a legal battle that must be fought by both parties. Many people incorrectly assume that divorce must always be complex, contentious, and adversarial and that both spouses need to resist compromise to get what they believe is rightfully theirs. The truth of the matter is that divorce does not have to be this way, nor should it be.

By going into divorce with a war-like mentality, you could put yourself at risk of making mountains out of molehills. Some elements of your divorce are worth fighting for, but many issues should be intelligently discussed in a forum that is calm and fair so that all parties can benefit. We can protect your rights during this amicable process.

Benefits of mediation include but are not limited to the following:

  • Allows couples to stay out of court
  • Allows couples to resolve emotional issues in a non-contentious setting
  • Allows couples to address anxieties, concerns, or frustrations collaboratively
  • Results and resolutions can be obtained much faster and much more affordably
  • Greater sense of satisfaction as couples feel they have voiced their true opinions and that their perspectives were acknowledged

Find a Resolution by Focusing on the Bigger Picture

Thousands of families in the Kane County area have benefited from our comprehensive divorce mediation services. As the healthy, positive alternative to litigation, negotiation allows both spouses to openly discuss and agree upon various elements of their divorce.

Nearly any family law matter can be resolved with our mediation services, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Support issues
  • Property division

Countless divorcing couples may seek self-help books or guides to divorce looking for the answers to their pressing questions. Nothing will give you awareness of your legal options like speaking with a qualified, skilled, and experienced Kane County divorce attorney at our firm. We have been helping families in Illinois through the emotional crisis of divorce for decades and can offer you the support, guidance, and reassurance you need to move forward into a new chapter of life.

If you want to learn how our services can empower every member of your family to move through a difficult transition period together, call our firm immediately.