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What is a contested divorce?

There are two types of divorces: contested and uncontested. A contested divorce is one where one or both spouses have a dispute over some aspects of the divorce. In effect, contested divorces take much longer to move through the courts and are typically associated with greater stress and higher legal fees.

With an uncontested divorce, the parties are able to reach agreements on all of the major issues regarding their divorce, and without the need for court intervention. If you are contemplating filing for divorce and anticipate a difficult road ahead, Law Offices of Benedict Schwartz, II P.C. can help you.

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Elements of a Contested Divorce

When spouses cannot agree on one or more issues in their divorce, it is called a contested divorce. You have a contested case if:

  • Your spouse does not want a divorce
  • Your spouse disagrees about who the children should live with
  • Your spouse disagrees with paying child support
  • Your spouse disagrees over property division
  • Your spouse disagrees with who should get the house
  • You and your spouse disagree over who should pay certain debts
  • You and your spouse do not agree if alimony should be paid

While few divorces are devoid of disagreements, spouses are usually able to reach an agreement with the assistance of their respective attorneys. With uncontested cases, the spouses are able to reach an agreement over child custody and child support and property division.

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Whether or not you expect an amicable divorce, divorces are known for being fickle. Even the friendliest of divorces have a way of taking a turn for the worse during the settlement phase. Like family court judges, we believe that couples should try and work things out, however, we understand that this practice is not always feasible.

No matter which direction your divorce takes, you can turn to us for honest, diligent, and trustworthy legal representation, and we will be your greatest advocates throughout the process.

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