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Divorce can be every bit an emotional process as it is a legal process. Perhaps one of the most emotional decisions a separating couple will have to make will include the custody of their minor children as well as visitation rights and parenting responsibilities. We consider it our duty to help you protect your rights and privileges as a parent.

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Understanding the Court's Role in Your Family's Case

Although divorcing couples will have the opportunity to reach their own child custody agreements through the process of mediation, the court may see fit to intervene and issue a child custody order if a couple cannot create a fair arrangement on their own. The court will examine various factors when finalizing a child custody arrangement, including:

  • The child's age
  • Mental and physical health of the child and parents
  • Lifestyle and other factors regarding the parents
  • Love and emotional ties between the parents and child
  • Who has been the primary caretaker before the divorce
  • Child's relationship with his or her siblings

Child custody is much more than just an agreement or legal status. It can impact your children and shape the way they understand your role as a parent in their lives. Don't let a judge - a stranger - make the decisions for your family. With our skilled attorneys on your side, you and your former spouse can work toward a mutually agreeable child custody agreement that allows you to continue to be a significant part of your child's developmental years.

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Drawing from years of psychological education and legal experience, we are well aware that a divorce can have innumerable effects on a family. If not handled properly, a child custody dispute could cause irreversible emotional and psychological trauma. We take great care in handling sensitive issues pertaining to your children and your family and we work to provide you with the compassionate, understanding, and effective representation that you deserve.

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