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The decision to adopt can be a fulfilling and selfless endeavor. Despite your good intentions to help a child in need, the legal proceedings can often be arduous, frustrating, and incredibly discouraging.

If you are deciding whether or not to adopt, or are currently trying navigate the legal process, you need to seek trusted legal advice from an experienced St. Charles family lawyer at the Law Offices of Benedict Schwarz, II P.C. Our firm has extensive experience in all aspects of family law, and can aid you in navigating the adoption process.

Different Types of Adoptions

In the state of Illinois, there are two types of available adoptions – open and closed. An open adoption means that the birth parents still have chances to communicate with their adopted child. However, in closed adoption, the birth parents do not a right to have interactions with the child or the adoptive family.

Our St. Charles and West Dundee firm is here to protect your rights in any type of adoption case including:

  • Stepparent adoption
  • Grandparents adoption
  • Relative adoption
  • Special needs adoption
  • Adult adoption

Couples who are trying to adopt will have a gauntlet of legal issues and details to take into account. Before you begin the adoption it is also important to consider the current financial, legal, and personal, implications that accommodating another child could have on your family.

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